Think she deleted my number...over?

i texted this girl I liked last semester and she didn't know it was me , so I told her it was me. She just asked if I had a new number and we texted a bit. She said she was busy doing something for school so I said I'm sorry for distracting and that ill let her get back to work.

I dunno, either she was very cool and subtle about asking if I had got a new number to avoid saying she deleted it ( if she even did.. I know she had my number a few weeks ago cause I had texted her then...), I can't really tell either way. And I am not sure if she just said she was busy cause she didn't want to text. but no way of knowing. What does it seem like? I'm guessing this is pretty much how most people would play off deleting a number?

Should I text her later or in a few days to see if she got it done and say I felt bad for interrupting her or something like that? or just text her sometime completely unrelated in a few days?


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  • No of course not ..don't contact her again. Let her do it , if not .. then yea you will most probably need to go over it :)


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