What's a cute way to tell him to text me back?

so this boy I'm dating we text all the time, but he's kind of a bad texter. he';; just randomly stop replying. I wanna send him a text and be like, "if you don't text me back," or like something along those lines, but in like a cute playful way or soemthing. what could I say to him?


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  • If you don't text back I'm going hardcore kissing on you ...should do the job


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  • I wouldn't say if you don't text me back,i'll such and such,even if it is joking,it comes across as needy.You don't need him to text back,I think you should hang back a bit and let him text you,if you say something like that,it may come across needy and make him think you're just sitting there waiting for him to text.Just try let it slide and pre occupy yourself with something,if he is a bad texter,maybe start calling each other instead.