Why would you not respond to the messages of an old crush?

Girls answer the above question please. I have received no response from this girl who I had just met and she felt like she liked me at the time.


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  • didnt like what he messaged me

    dating someone at the time

    dont wanna talk to him

    hasnt got on yet

    • Why would you want to talk to him? What can he do to change your mind?

      If you are dating someone else...why can't you still reply?

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    • does it matter? he got the picture.

      i can't imagine anyone being that broken up over an ignored message lol. I'm sure he got over it

    • Just saying. If I had to do something similar, then I would probably say it once so its clear and then ignore. I find it more logical.

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  • Because they either are with someone else. Or it was just that a crush and they saw nothing more. I stopped responding when the messages became too sexual and forward. Respect still goes a long way!

    • I didn't say anything sexual. I might have been rude to her but accidently only.

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    • Would you say that its in my best interest to not be one?

    • No! You should still be a sweet guy just don't look for bitter girls.

  • Only reason I can think of is because I don't know what to say.

    • what do you mean?

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    • Why do you say that?

    • Because I don't know why she didn't reply.

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