I am afraid for our first date. What do girls actually looks for on a first date to turn it into a relationship?

Ok so, this will be me and this girls first actual date together. She lives 3 hours away and I am driving up there to meet/pick her up. I know the first date is suppose to be really important so I want to make it count. I don't know the layout in her town, and don't know what to do. She said she will think of something, but is the fact I am not taking charge on the first date bad date etiquette.

Also are there any particular things girls expect or want on a first date I compliments, attitude, certain romantic gestures, and a kiss?

any help THANX


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  • Be polite. Most girls like chivalry: bring her flowers, open doors for her, give her your jacket if she's cold, give her your full attention while at dinner instead of texting, etc. And you should pick up the check given it's the first date otherwise she might think you are cheap. When you pick her up you should tell her how pretty she looks but only if you mean it. Don't talk excessively about yourself, ask her about her life and thoughts on things to show that you are not self-centered. But don't ask about her exes or other serious stuff, keep it light. And crack jokes! Girls like guys who make them laugh.

    It should be fine if she picks what you're going to do on the date since you don't live there. The kiss? Some girls don't like to do that on the first date so a hug and a kiss on the cheek at the end will suffice, unless you're really feeling strongly otherwise.

    The point is to have fun, so have fun!


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  • Just try to not act nervous and uptight about it. Don't sweat bullets or anything. Try to research stuff to do in her town before you have the date with her. This way you can learn the lay of the land (so you don't get too lost while driving) and you can figure out things to do. Maybe she picks one thing to do (like where to eat) and you pick something else to do before/after (walk in the local park, museums, etc.)

    As far as etiquette goes:

    - Compliment her on what she is wearing and/or how she looks. Use words like ''beautiful'' and ''pretty'' vs ''hot''.

    - Attitude: relaxed and make jokes. I'm sure she is nervous about it too so try to show her that you are calm, cool, and collected. link

    - Romantic gestures: there are a few good articles on here about body language. Eye contact (both maintaining and breaking), body positioning, what to do with arms and legs. link

    - Kiss: this one I can't really help you on (sorry). Of the few dates I have been on I've never really had the balls to try it. Maybe end it with a hug and see what her body language says when you exit the hug (will be tricky because you don't have much time to read her). Maybe try a little peck on the cheek while still hugging? Girls PLEASE comment on this to tell me if I am right or wrong.

    All in all just be relaxed. I have screwed up several situations because I was too nervous and jittery (not just dates but also things like job interviews and the like). Just keep in mind that if the date doesn't go well its not like your life is depending on it or anything. That's what I keep in mind and it helps me out my keeping things in perspective. Not a life or death thing.

  • Just flow with it man, don't try to become her boyfriend. See if you even like her first.

    First dates aren't that big of a deal, you're just getting to know each other. So have some great conversations and see what happens.