Why did he stop texting me?

I met this guy a couple of months ago, he asked my number Because we really got along and he texted me every day or every few days since.

He comes over to the place I am at Fridaynight, wether he likes the place or not. One time he saw his ex (he's not completely over her I think) and they got into a fight. He got really mad and he apologized for it and gave me a hug.

since then it's been awkward. he doesn't text anymore, when he sees me he barely says hi anymore, he doesn't come over anymore...

Is he not interested in me anymore? I don't dare to ask him why he's not texting me anymore, lol...or should I?


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  • maybe he's just embarrassed about what happened, and thinks you wouldn't be into him anymore. or maybe he just realized that he's not over his ex yet and doesn't want to move on. have you tried texting him? don't just wait on him to contact you

    • I texted him today (guilty of waiting, lol) and I subtly asked him if he was busy lately...