A man who is like a father figure to me kissed me, would you be mad if you were my boyfriend?

I was out and my boyfriend happened to not be with me, and this man whom I consider a father figure kissed me on the side of my lips. I wanted to know what my boyfriends thought was on it, because I didn't know if it was an accident or if the guy meant to kiss me there, because he usually just kisses me on the cheek. Well, my boyfriend got mad at me, because he said I should have turned away...but I had NO idea he was going to kiss me. So we argued about it, and he is mad at me and and at the man for doing that and he says I should have yelled at him for it. But what if he didn't mean to kiss me? I think the way I hugged him when I was leaving karaoke was what caused the kiss to be on the side of my lips instead of on my cheek like it usually is...

Then the next day I wanted to talk about it, and he said that he didn't want to talk about it until tomorrow...and then he said I needed to stop trying to talk about it because everyone makes mistakes and it just depends on how you deal with it...

WHAT the HELL does that mean?

Was he saying that this is how he deals with it? Was he saying that I dealt with the situation the way I needed to? Would you be mad...? If it had been a man my age trying that stuff, you bet your a** I would have said something.


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  • Well I agree that this guy should not be kissing, even on the cheek. Guys just don't kiss girls, even on the cheek, as a friendly gesture, usually it means more. Then again he is like a father figure to you so maybe that's why. I wouldn't be happy about it but I wouldn't get mad at you in the sense that it was your fault. I agree there wasn't much you could do about him kissing you. Even if it isn't a big deal to you, you should at least respect and show regard for your BF's feelings and if he doesn't like it, just say you're sorry and that you try and make sure this guy doesn't do it again if it makes him uncomfortable.


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  • i understand. you couldn't have just started yelling a him. but your boyfriend can't get in your mind and read all your thoughts. so next time make sure that your father figure does not get close enough to kiss you when your guy is around

  • I think he's mad at the dude and not you