First kiss - can it really make you change your feelings about someone?

The title might be confusing but what I meant was, most first kisses with a new partner tend to be a bit awkward or nervous or have a lot of anticipation built up about it. Do any of you really feel that magical 'chemistry' when kissing someone the first time or is it more just another word for describing someone who really just kisses well?

And for guys, can a kiss (accompanied by "chemistry" if it exists), really make you more attracted to her if you were on the fence about dating her earlier?


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  • I'm actually not sure of this question haha. One of my female friends swears that when you kiss the "right" person, you feel something "special". I don't know about that. I always love first kisses because its the first time you're connecting physically with someone, so I always feel something, its exciting. I don't think its some magical feeling though. Maybe its because I haven't been with anyone I'd excatly call the "right" one or someone really special.

    As for your second question, I'm fairly certain whether or not I want to take things further with a girl well before the kiss. A kiss isn't necessary. A few interactions between me and her is enough for me to know how far I want to go, I can just pick things up about her. If however I can't, and we do kiss, I don't think that has much of a bearing on me changing my mind about her.


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  • Personally, no. I would imagine it would be influential for some people though since everyone's different.


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