See you soon! - what does it mean?

Excellent first date on Thursday, these are the texts that follows:

him midnight: text me.

him morning: Yes (on it having been an enjoyable evening concluded with a safe journey home?)

me midday: yes to all the above. I don't feel so well today though, too much wine...

him afternoon: I know what you mean...would you be partial to a follow-up

me evening: a follow up would be a sound idea. sometime next week?

me evening: next week may be a touch difficult as I'm off to """" to do my marathon (and last night doesn't do many favours to running)

"we got quite inebriated"

him 40 min later: we could be arty tomorrow evening if interested/available

me later evening: I'm seeing a friend tomorrow evening so unfortunately unable to be arty Could do something sedate on Monday ? alternatively after your marathon

him later still: Sure. Let's keep in touch. Have a nice weekend.

me: you too.

"so I hear nothing for 6 days - he's off for marathon on Friday"

me early evening: hello, good luck for your very long run in """" this weekend.

him minutes later: thanks a lot! :) see you soon! does he mean it or just being polite?

...there seems to me to be a change in tone after I was unable to do the arty thing?!
no, marathon is not til tomorrow.


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  • There is always the possibility that he doesn't want to come across too stalkery or desperate, so he's giving you space. Then again, perhaps not, so you can either a) assume that I am indeed right or b) ask him how his marathon went, at the risk of YOU coming across stalkery/desperate.

    However he DID say "see you soon" which sounds like he has every intention to do so!

    Hope this helps..

  • He might have felt rejected, though you did have a good reason to say no AND immediately proposed another date. Has he contacted you since?


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