Boyfriend of 9 months not ready to kiss?

We have a difficult relationship. He isn't allowed to have an official girlfriend so we keep it on the down low. Our families are very close friends though, and we see each other all the time. We aren't horrible teens or anything, we just break this one rule. Anyway, we've been going out 9 months and we've talked about kissing before. Neither of us wanna pressure the other. But I've been ready for a long time and he just isn't. What does it mean and what can I do? I don't wanna pressure him but I'm tired of waiting. And no, he isn't gay. :)


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  • I'm sure you're boyfriend really loves you and cares about you. He's not gay. He's not cheating.

    He's prob shy & nervous. Still struggling to release his lock&chain of fear & anxiety. Maybe he has a low libido. Or maybe he's waiting for the right time. I've heard of some folks that kiss after a whole year of dating.

    • Thanks! Should I just go ahead and kiss him or should I wait until he gets over his nerves?

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    • Wow. 14 and 15. Maybe that's why. That's a young relationship. It's most likely because of nervousness. A lot of 14/15 year olds have never kissed before. Better yet There are people in there 20s that have never kissed before. LOL

    • Thanks!

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  • Most likely he really really really WANTS to kiss you, he's just nervous he'll be a bad kisser and you'll judge him. Which is completely understandable. I lost my first kiss when my ex who assumed I'd kissed many girls before her, kissed me on our first date. She didn't know until I told her afterwards!

    Anyway you could try the same approach, just kiss him and see how he reacts, however he might feel violated which is never a good thing. Tricky situation!

    • Did you get mad at her at all?

    • Nah I was relieved! It was also our first date and I've gotta say once we'd had that first kiss, kissing just seemed natural and I wouldn't be nervous about it at all!

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