Should I date this guy? Ego vs. I like him

He's weird and would ruin my rep.no1 likes him,and he can be annoying.BUT,i really like him,and I think he is sweet and nice and smart and cute.Should I trash my ego to be with the guy I like?What is more important here?love,right?or is it?What is your opinion?


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  • I think you know the answer, you just want it confirmed! If you like him, give it a shot. Your reputation? If people are gonna look at you funny for dating a "weird awkward" guy then they're dorks themselves.

    Of course if he doesn't click with your friends, in the long run you won't have much in common other than each other. I personally didn't click with my ex's housemates which was quite frustrating for her. Something to take into consideration!


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  • if you like someone, you like them, it's that simple. why do you feel like you have to qualify him? would you rather date a potato with the reputation of george clooney or a george clooney with the reputation of a potato? obviously the george clooney with the starchy reputation. but then again, you'd have to be bat sh*t insane to date a vegetable

    • thnx 4 d funny.

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