He's ignoring me now..why?

Okkk so I've been seeing this guys for quite some time now. We are both really into each other like I've never liked someone like I do him. And normally I go for players and douchebags but this guy is a legit sweetheart. Everyone tells me I can do better but I disagree cause he treats me like gooooold. Anyway he's asked me out a couple times and I said no and didn't explain why. (the real reason is we work together and a wild trip to quebec city was coming up and I know we would just end up in fights cause I'm a terrible drunk/very jealous person and so is he. ). So we kept seeing each other and went to quebec last week. I got upset with him in the clubs because he was ignoring me and didnt wanna dance. So I found other guys to dance with bbut I still text him the next day saying he was the only guy I actually wanted he text back saying "im not the guy you want, I'm the guy you have. You know I'm nuts about you, losing my mind over you over here" but then still sat at the bar doing nothing with his friends that night/ignoring me. So finally the last night I gave up on him and found a really hot guy. 30 min till closing , he text my friend asking if I was still mad and that he was cabbing to come see me. Ofcourse he gets there and I'm taking shots with this guy. He then comes over to me and tries to hold me and dance and act like a couple. I was pissed cause he ignored the nights before. So i pushed him away, told him t eff off..etc. he's like "really I just came here to see you and you're gunna ignore me and embarrass me in front of my friends cause you're with your new boyfriend. I cabbed all this way for yo" and I was like yeah hows it feel. You ignored me all week.we faught a little longer, I pushed him away and turned back to my guy. He stood there for a bit then finally left saying "have fun with your boyfriend, talked to you in ontario" I replied "no we won't talk in ontario" he left shaking his head. He text my friend that night asking if I was really done with him, she said I don't know but she's pretty mad.The next day he text me asking how my boyfriend was and if I hooked up with him. I didn't answer his questions , instead I asked him why he cares what I'm doing now. He said he cared all a long. I said we shouldn't club together and he said "yeah too many guys want ta" I thought things were fine so that night I text him that I missed him. He never replied and normally we text everyday. Did I over react? I don't wanna text him again cause I feel super rejected that he didn't text back and would rather make I'm wait and think I'm over it, but I don't know if that will make him want me back more or lose him. Do I move o or what? he's also super sensitive, insecure and jealous.hes a typical cancer. Help! What do I do/what happened!?:(


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  • Go the extra mile, text again before assuming something. You shouldn't have gone off with other guys dancing and he shouldn't have ignored you in the first place.

    • Thanks! It worked, he thought I was done with him. Good thing I texted him!

    • Awww, you're welcome :)

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