What do you think of these Dating myths in this yahoo article

link Whatdo you think aggred or not

I want to thank both of you for giving good answers and explaining your houghts on each point. I wish I could give you both best answer


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  • 1. Apparently this woman has a very flimsy definition for "love". Sorry, but you cannot LOVE someone that you've never talked to before. You can feel intensely attracted to them, but that's different from love.

    2. I agree that men shouldn't have to always pay for dates. The cost of dating should be shared. Though, I've never found going dutch to be a problem.

    3. I think whether or not you rearrange your schedule, wait by the phone, etc. depends on the individual more than gender.

    4. Some guys are really up front about their interest, others hold back a little. I don't think it's really an indicator of how much the guy likes you, but rather, it has to do with his personality, his beliefs about dating (i.e. some people purposely try to 'play cool' and not show too much interest because they think that coming on too strongly will scare the girl off), his previous experiences with girls, etc.

    5. I don't know. I've always been up front with the people I've been interested in---and it's always worked for me; but I also know people who play games and still get dates, or who are turned off by someone who is upfront about their interest.

    6. Agree. Some people make smart decisions, some people don't. If you're mature and think about the possible consequences, etc., you'll probably be fine.

    7. Bullsh*t answer. Different people have different views on sex. Some people do treat it as an animal desire; for some people it's very meaningful. I really don't think you can say "men regard sex as a more intimate act than women". To me, it sounds like she's talking about two very specific types of sexual encounters---and then comparing them.

    a) it's easier for women to get sex whenever they want it = sex is less intimate for women. --- You can really only say this about a woman who is only interested in sex---because then, on average, she probably can find a sex partner very easily... and if she has this attitude, then sex probably isn't that intimate to her. But, does this hold true for a woman who is, say, waiting for marriage? Can you really say that sex is less intimate for her because in theory she could get laid easily? That doesn't make sense.

    b) men have to work to get sex, therefore, they feel like they've earned it... so it's more intimate to them---Well, maybe if his experiences are with girls who make him wait a long time for sex. But, if a guy has one night stands all the time, even if he may have had to do the "work" to make that one night stand happen, can one really suggest that that means he sees sex more intimately?

    Yeah, this argument doesn't make sense to me.

    8. I guess. I think it depends on the person.


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  • Bit of blarney #1: There’s no such thing as love at first sight.


    Bit of blarney #2: Men should always pay for a first date.

    Neutral. I kinda feel whoever asked the person out should pay, but it'd be preferable if he paid cause it's just chivalrous. I'm also a fan of switching off, like, he pay one week I pay another. I'm not an expensive date so no guy is gonna complain about paying for me otherwise.

    Bit of blarney #3: Single women rearrange their schedule to see a guy they like.

    Neutral. We won't make serious changes or rearrangements, but if we're interested we might be the first to zip out of class to catch a glimpse of the guy or make small talk with him or cancel a few small plans to go out w/him.

    Bit of blarney #4: If a guy doesn’t immediately show his interest, he doesn’t really like you.

    Disagree. People can not hit it right off the bat but months into the friendship end up developing feelings towards the other person. Has nothing to do with gender in my opinion.

    Bit of blarney #5: You should play hard to get to land a man.

    Agree. To an extent though. Most people talk the talk of "I don't like girls/guys who are into games" yet whaddya know, those are the ones they're most interested in. People who know the limits of playing games are often the most thrilling and attention catching.

    Bit of blarney #6: It’s always a mistake to date someone at work.

    Neutral. Depends on the work setting and how mature or immature the people involved are. If it's a setting that could cause favoritism or competition, yikes. If it's a setting where regardless of the status of your relationship you must remain friendly at all times, yikes. Some people just don't do well with breakups.

    Bit of blarney #7: Sex is just an animal urge for men.

    Disagree. Most sexual beings, male or female, feel some amount of sexual urges. How we respond or treat them is differently but it's natural and shouldn't be condemned or labeled as a male thing.

    Bit of blarney #8: Women can’t deal when a relationship ends.

    Neutral. It depends. Some chicks are straight up loca but craziness isn't limited to just women.


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  • a bunch of balony.