Why do I act like this when I date a guy?

Normally I'm a very easygoing and fun loving person and I roll with the punches. However, when I'm dating a guy and only then, I turn into this crazy person. I read into everything way too much, take things personally that I shouldn't, and generally feel stressed out. I'm not sure why this is. Plus, when I'm single I feel a lot happier and relaxed. I have dated different types of guys. They have all been stable and reliable, but if they weren't acting right, they got kicked to the curb. I don't date drug addicts or gangsters. Now that I hang out with my ex as friends, it's great and I don't feel anxious. But when we were together I read into everything little thing he did. I just can't figure out why I'm like this?!


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  • It sounds like you are insecure about the relationship and are worried about it and having anxiety and maybe even panic attacks over it.You might be just insecure period.Maybe you feel like you are doing something wrong,or you aren't good enough,or you will lose your boyfriend.You get really emotional and that is kinda normal when you are with someone there is a lot of feelings going on,but you shouldn't feel stressed all the time or stressed over little things.Maybe you are just caring too much about little things and that's what it sounds like.Does he love you mutually?I mean you are just gonna have to tell yourself everything will be OK and get over it.If you can't do that these guys you are with , might have to tell them that you need to be reassured frequently that everything will be OK if they love you it really shouldn't be a problem doing that.I mean have you had bad relationships or something or did something bad happen to you in your life? You might think about going to therapy and discussing this problem with them they will be better equipped to help you and no it doesn't mean your crazy and because you need to go to therapy doesn't make you crazy either.Well worst case scenario you will have to see a therapist,but its not a big deal it just costs money.Also just go for talk therapy it will help alot,tell them you don't want any drugs trust me I have takin them they will mess you up badly.Dont go for the quick fix you will pay in the end.If you are committed to getting over this you will.Just stay hopeful and active and be patient.I know you can do it.I have overcome much worst things in my life.

    Good Luck!

    • My father is an alcoholic. He didn't go on binges or anything but he was mean when he was drunk and nice when he was sober. I'm not sure how that translates to relationships.

    • I am not sure either,could have no affect, I would go to therapy they should be able to help you.

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