When would be the right time to kiss him?

I have been seeing this guy for 2 months, we have hung out 7 times already. I am 20 and never kissed a guy before. The guy is very experienced.

He was talking to our mutual friend and he said oh we have not even kissed yet. She told him, do not expect anything soon, she has never kissed anyone, you will probably have to wait a long long time before she kisses you. He said he was willing to wait.

But I do not know because he is so experienced and hooks up with a lot of girls, if eel like what if he's a player and there no point in me losing my frist kiss.

The only thing we do is hold hands when we hang out.


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  • The right time to kiss him is when you feel like kissing him.

    If I like a girl, I'll go in for the first kiss on our second date, unless the first date lasts longer than 2 or three hours. I don't think I've ever waited past the third or fourth date.

    On the other hand, there's girls I've done stuff with but never kissed. I had no interest in anything romantic with them, and they agreed.

    If you're so bothered by his supposed history in hooking up with so many other girls, why are you still dating him? It seems like this history could be hanging over your head for the length of the relationship. Having something in the background bothering you that much is not going to be healthy.


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