Why text me? What's the point?

So a guy I was talking to a lot via phone, text, Skype (met from Facebook book writers thing) - well we were talking a lot and then suddenly the last few weeks I've had like 2 texts from him (both like xoxoxo or whatever) and then two calls during his drive in somewhere that last like less than a half hour. Well today after not hearing from him for an entire week he texts me "hugs and kisses"...out of the blue & I respond "back at ya" and then nothing - he didn't reply at all. What's the point of sending me a text then?

I don't get it, he gets real close to me, comes on very lovely dovey and then does a 360. I've lost interest now so I wonder if he has any clue!


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  • Its so damn annoying when they do that! Especially when you get your mind off it for sometime and get used to it then bang! here it is again

    • Yes that is why I am so annoyed cause I got my mind off him completely!

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