Should I listen to them or give him the benefit of the doubt?

Ok, so I like this guy, I think he likes me too, and things are going great! The problem is my friends keep putting things in my head. They think he's 'bad' because of his friends. They are punk rockers who smoke, drink, pot heads, ect. He's not like that though he's on the swim team (you have to sign a contract that your clean to be on the team), he gets good grades, and he doesn't act like them (All those guys talk about is weed). I don't know what to think! I really like him and don't want to judge based on his friends and stereotype that because he's a drummer he's into that. My friends are just worried that because I'm the complete opposite of that I'll be disappointed. So what should I do, not care what my friends think or listen to them and try to forget about him?


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  • Well, if your friends are saying that stuff, it's because they are looking out for you. Don't resent them for that.

    However; any type of stererotyping is wrong. If this guy isn't like other stoners, don't assume he is. Get to know HIM as a person before you try and judge him.

    Hope that helps! :)

  • I think you should give him a try... Him being a drummer doesn't mean he smokes weed!

    if you honestly think he is a good guy go for it...

    BUT! Make an agreement with your self- if it turns out that he is not what you thought and you know from him that he does bad stuff or you saw him do something than you take a step back...

    I don't think you or your friends can judge someone without really knowing them just because he hangs out with certain people or because he's a musician...Most of my friends are musician (one of my best friends is a drummer) and they are amazing people!

    so never judge before YOU see things are as they are...

    Good luck<3

    (sorry for the long answer XD)