Does this happen to anyone else?

During the day we text non stop and then he just randomly stops he doesn't it a lot actually. And nothing about what we are talking about because we text nothing short is always good conversation. Does this happen to anyone else. Or do any of you guys do it?

HA as I was typing this he sent me a text back..4 hours later. ha ha lucky he's cute:)


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  • I personally find texting stressful to some degree because 1) I type at least 10x faster than I can text and 2) I get easily distracted so if something comes up while I'm typing a text I might forget about it and not reply for several hours, which girls sometimes take personally!

    Anyway whether he's into you or not should be more obvious looking at the content rather than the 4hr reply, he might just have forgotten.

  • I'm seriously going ot strangle the next girl who uses texting as a judge of a guy personality, a guys interest level, or the health of their relationship. GUYS HATE TEXTING. They all do, they are lying is they say otherwise. Guys will always avoid texting when possible, or keep conversations short. If a guy just stops texting you, It probably means the convo wasn't close to an end and he was getting sick of texting.

    • I didn't know I was judging him over texting for all of that.

      He's in the army and away so I don't get to see him like every other girl in the world. So in my case phone and computer are the only way we have to communicate until he gets back. And HE'S the one who keeps it going.

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