How does the fact we had our first kiss change the relationship?

I kissed this girl I have been on three dates with the other day in a very spontaneous and romantic way and she seemed to like it because she kissed me back. When I said goodbye and left instead of just giving me a hug, she kissed me and gave me a hug. So how does this change the relationship. Clearly I probably put her at a crossroads didn't I by showing my hand? It's Spring Break right now, so I hope she doesn't come back thinking it was a mistake or something stupid like that. I hope it means that it's a great step for our relationship.


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  • Seeing that she kissed you back and also gave you a kiss when you said goodbye tells me she likes you and more than likely wants to see you again. Have you kept in contact with her? If you have kissed her, go ahead and let her know how you feel about her. Tell her you are interested in having a relationship with her and ask her what she thinks. Are you looking to be exclusive with her? Is she with you? Talk it out with her if you really like her.


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