The girl I'm dating is texting me first a lot. Good sign?

So what does it mean when a girl texts me first a lot? Not like 5 times a day or anything, but if I don't text her during the day she normally texts me at night and we talk for a little bit. We have gone on three dates. It's obviously a good sign, but how much significance does it have?


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  • meh she likes you

    • So what does her liking me mean? ha ha seriously. Does it mean she likes me enough to want a relationship, does it mean she only likes me enough to want to go on another date, or what else?

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  • simple answer: It means she's interested in you, at the very least - so that can't be bad :)

    So the significance is, she likes you :) - GOOD JOB, don't mess it up!

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