Guy texting me everyday. Why?

What does it mean when this guy I know texts me everyday? From the moment he wakes up, till one of us goes to bed- though nt like every second, but he keeps the conversation going. We went out a few times and it got touchier each time, though neither of us said anything bt liking each other. he's left for college in another continent for the next few years. and till today we're still talking everyday. My friend told me tht a guy will nt text a girl everyday if he's not interested. Is that true?

Also, we've been skyping lately usually at least for 2 hours till wee hours of the morning in his timezone.


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  • Hell yeah it's true. If a guy doesn't like you, he's not going to make an effort to talk or text you everyday. If he's texting you morning and night, especially if he's far away, that means he still cares and is thinking about you!

    • Can't it be just a good friend thingy or that he's bored? I realized sometimes our conversations get really dull after awhile, maybe because we've been talking so much but he still makes the effort to text. So am I supposed to go with it? Because I find this so confusing.

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