Does this texting habit mean anything?

So there is this girl who is a friend of mine. I've thought about dating her but at the moment I'm not sure if I would. Anyway, we kinda flirt a little bit back and forth, and she texts me quite a bit. Her texts will span anything from asking me what I'm doing that night or the last, to texting me about personal things that have happened to her.

The strange is that many times she'll send me a text about something, and once I reply she says nothing back. She just abruptly ends the conversation. Even if my response is a question back her that would illicit a response, and even if she had just texted me 2min ago. So do you think that means anything or is she just forgetful?

I'm assuming she only texts me as well about her personal stuff and not other people which I find odd that she has singled me out. Then again I cannot confirm this fact without a doubt. I've just never heard anyone else mention it as of late, plus it always seems like I'm in on little things going on that other people don't know about because she told me via text.


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  • It can just be a habit.

    That sometimes happens to me - and I don't really do it on purpose. If I'm in the middle of interesting/ important conversation, then I'll probably answer quickly... At the same time, if the conversation is just happening because maybe the person I'm texting is bored, or even I was bored!, then the texts probably won't even have a proper conversation base, it'll just be random questions and answers that people swap front and back because they are bored. And that ends up in a boring conversation XD , so I end up ignoring my cellphone because I get caught up in other things - I actually dislike being around the mobile phone a lot :/ .

    My friends already know this. And they also know that I can stop answering all of a sudden even during an important conversation (you read that probably in the second paragraph? sometimes, this can happen even with conversations that are interesting/ important/ wtv... even if not that regularly)

    ... But, if it were important, I'll get back to them for sure! If the conversation wasn't important, then I'd probably start another conversation when I grab my cell, an hour, two, three after.

    Don't read too much into it. unless you actually call her on her mistake, and then she doesn't even apologize or tries to explain her actions. Then that'll mean that she ignores you on purpose. x_x'

    That's how you discover if it is an habit or what :)


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  • She could want more from you or she could just be busy at the moment and just doesn't tell you that she is busy.

  • She could be interested, or she could just be bored and want to text you as a friend. It's hard to say if it means anything just considering her texting habits.


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