Online dating: is it inappropriate to not message people back that message you?

i can't help but feel bad about ignoring these girls. I don't have interest in them but still. like I'm a really nice person otherwise but I just feel weird about replying to them when I don't like them but then I feel weird about not replying too. like I'm being a complete jerk. maybe it's me wanting to avoid conflict and stuff but yeah. sometimes they don't even come out and say they're interested but I know what that's like too. I always want to come off cool and casual and don't want to say too much. but what should I do?

what is the best way to handle messages from people you aren't attracted to?


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  • There are no rules in online dating by any means. However, if you are feeling guilty it's because you feel responsible for letting these girls down, which is basically true. It is against my nature to ignore some people also so I would message them back but I made it clear that I was not interested in being romantically linked. It's okay to lie to them. I would find it easy to say that I was not sure what I was looking for and wasn't too sure if the online thing would work for me, just so they wouldn't get any ideas in their heads. Some didn't listen and insisted on meeting me but I never budged. These I didn't feel sorry for because I did warn them.


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  • no, because in the long run you're going them a favor. Leading them on is even more inappropriate.

    • i agree wholeheartedly. I was victim to that. but I would never tell them I was interested or imply interest if there wasn't.

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    • fair enough

    • Tell them you've already found someone hahah

  • just don't reply, if they get their feelings hurt, it's not your problem. you can't stress over everyone's feelings, especially when it comes in online dating.

    • i know but I've been hurt before in a real life scenario and friendship. I just hate thinking that I could potentially do the same to someone else, even though it wouldn't be like HURT hurt. it's not like me to ignore people anyway ya know?

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