When should you plan dates after the first one....?

For example, she lives 2 and a half hours away from me, but I can drive up to see her whenever. I took her on our first date where it was quite romantic. Now that it is eneded I am ready for round two. How long should I wait before I go up there again to see her? I do not want to come off as desperate by making that drive just to see her all the time, but I can do it whenever.


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  • Maybe see each other once a week or every 10 days

    • My brother's girlfriend is like an hour drive away but he use to take. Bart(its like a subway) to see her and that took 2 hrs I think so he seea her once a week now..it use to be less at the beginning but he'd talk to her on the phone everyday..if I had a boyfriend from another school I don't know if id talk everyday but that's just me..

      Good luck

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