Could you guys come with some good advice please?

i need some signs on how a ex show he still likes you..

What would he do?

Try to make me jealous etc? Please come with examples =)


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  • can I just say, don't bother about an ex, there's a reason you split, going back to an ex is admitting you need them, and that damages any possibility of it working a second time round, it just makes them aware that your daft because they can use you again until something better comes along, your choice but its a big mistake,x

  • Text messages and phone calls

    Your ex is still single

    Your ex still visits the same hangouts

    Mutual friends say so

    Social networking websites point towards this

    Lastly, if your ex is still asking you to hang out or still making blatant efforts to see you regularly then there could be hope for your relationship to start anew.


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