The kiss...

My friend who is a boy..he's one of my greatest friends...he knows me so well and I know his too! We're so alike, and we love all the same things! We're like two parts of the same person...the only difference is the gender difference... haha

Anyways...I was very sad the other of my friends ended up in a hospital. She got hit by a car and I just couldn't stop crying although she is conscious and she'll be fine!

It just shook me more than I thought it would...

He was there beside me... He told me we should go out and grab a cup of coffee so we can talk...I can get some of it off my chest...

We met an hour later, and I immediately broke down crying! Because I know he knows me so there was no point in pretending I'm fine...when I'm not!

He hugged me and we just stood there...then the freaking rain started pouring down!

We went into the coffee shop and sat down. He pulled my hair away from my face and my neck and looked at me like he was trying to read my thoughts and then he leaned towards me and just pressed his lips to mine...

He was so warm.

My heart fluttered like never before! I wanted this!

He then pulled back to see my reaction...I kept my eyes closed still, so he leaned once more and this time he kissed me passionately and irrevocably! It felt like I was on fire!

I grabbed his head and reciprocated wildly! I scared myself ... the way I acted!

He seemed to be expecting that reaction, and it felt like we would never stop!

The ending was gentle and mild...but still I could feel the sparks...

After that kiss we spent the entire time just looking at each other...and he held my hand.

He drove me home and hugged me very strongly and said that he can't believe the things I do to him.

I don't know what that meant...

People, please could you explain to me what he meant by this sentence!


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  • He loves you. Isn't it obvious?

    If he kisses you, hugs you, looks into your eyes for a long period of time never yealding. he want to be with you and he wants to be your rock. Let him. Sounds like a keeper to me.


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  • From my own thoughts about this one girl I love, he's probably saying that he's loved you longer than you know and you drove him crazy trying to figure out if you felt the same. I love this girl very much, but she drives me insane just to see if she loves me back.

    After reading a few articles about how people feel with love, I've seen in almost every one of them that if you love someone, there is a pretty good chance they love you back. I know it seems stupid, but love is a connection between two people. It's not exactly fate, per say, but the connection is just the nature of attraction. That's why it's called love chemistry.

    I hope this helped :)

  • He could have meant one of several things. He could have been talking about your kiss.

    Judging by all the information you gave me though, I would say he was talking about the way you make him feel. Don't be worried about it, it sounds like a very good thing to me!


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  • It sounds like he's had feelings for you for some time now and he probably had just as intense of a reaction to the kiss as you did. I think he was trying to put into words that you make him feel something no one else can... He likes you!

  • I think he's talking about his feelings.

    But I don't think that's anything to worry about, it seems you had a very good time and you're going to be in a great relationship!

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