I want to be friends before dating. How to make that happen?

There's this guy at work who is (pretty obviously) interested in me. I'm starting to like him back, but I'd prefer to get to know him on a friendly basis before thinking about dating. If he asks me out, how can I suggest that we simply hang out for a while first? And don't think that I will friend zone him; I make a point to never friend zone guys. And I actually prefer all of my relationships to start out as friendships first.


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  • I wish more girls were like you. That being said, just don't take things to slow, like as in 6 months or more to go from friends to BF/GF. I would just be open with him about what you're intentions are because he will likely think he is being friend zoned if you just tell him that you don't want to date him right away and just want to be friends. Just say something like "Hey I am interested in possibly dating you, I just prefer to be friends first with whoever I date, so would you be cool with just taking things a bit slower and keeping things a bit more platonic for a bit before we dive in deeper?". He'll probably be totally cool with that because usually if the guys intentions are good, not only will he be willing to wait for you, that ultimately is how most guys like to operate because we know it makes for the best relationships.


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