Am I just a "rebound" to him?

I've been spending a lot of time with a guy for the past couple weeks, and am starting to develop feelings. When we first met (at a mutual friends house) it came up in conversation that he had broken up with a girl he dated for about 2 years at the end of January (we met the first week of March)... At the point of their breakup he was about to buy her an engagement ring.. and when they started talking about it.. she decided she didn't want to be with him and they broke up.

In the time that we've hung out he truly seems like it's not something he's bothered by, and he may potentially be interested in a relationship with me. I've been spending a lot of time with him.. and I'm starting to consider the "what ifs" with him.. but, I don't want to get any more emotionally involved if I'm just going to get hurt. Should I ask him what he thinks? Will that just scare him away?.. We went to a wedding this weekend where I met a lot of his friends... a few of them asked me about what was going on between us.. and I just said we're hanging out and having fun... the day after the wedding he and I spent the next day in the city walking around with his daughter (his ex is not his child's mother).. and had a nice time...

After he dropped me off.. he texted me saying that he's been really enjoying spending time with me.. Does this sound like I'm a rebound? What do I do?


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  • In my opinion, you do not seem like you're his rebound girl. He spends a lot of time with you. I think you should ask him, people always assume the worst but rarely ever happens, take a chance and just see how he feels, it will be much easier in the long run and you won't think as much about it which is a good thing. From all the details you gave me in your paragraph, I think he is interested in you but I could be wrong, never hurts to ask because maybe just maybe he is thinking the same thing as well.


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  • If he truly loved her(I think he did since he proposed to her), then It's likely that it's to early for him to be emotionally available to be in a serious relationship with you. I think that he truly enjoys spending time with you, but I also think that his feelings are attached to his ex. Take things slowly, cut back on spending time with him if you can't control your feelings, just protect yourself against getting hurt. Having to guess if you're a rebound or not is never a good sign, so give him more time to get over the break-up before he can consider being serious with you. Good luck.


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  • i don't think you should ask him right knew from the begging his situation. and you still accepted going out on dates and spending time with the daughter. If you didn't want to get emotional involved then you should of taken things slow and accepting dates every now and then. Since you didn't and you already got involve just accept your situation enjoy the time your spending with him. I'm sure that if you keep being a nice girlfriend and being there for him he will eventually ask you out when he's ready to make things official.