Sleeping with a good friend...

I was with this guy for over 6 years and we have had many problems. Recently he moved out of my house due to severe problems. We are not together anymore, but are still talking and deciding if we want to work things out.

He wound up renting a house with a really good friend of mine that is a guy who I've known for over a decade. Well the whole first week that they moved in, my friend and I hung out almost every day. We wound up kissing one night and then cuddling the whole night we slept. About a week later, we wound up going out and when we got home we wound up fooling around and sleeping together. He told me that he had thought about being with me before I met my boyfriend. We get along VERY well, and I find that perhaps some day in the future we could possibly be together. He currently started dating yet another girl, and it does not bother me as I am not completely done with my situation. I have never seen him as more than a friend or even thought about him as anything more than a friend until the night we kissed. I am wondering if anyone has experience in taking a really good friendship to the next level and how it worked out for them. I know they say "marry your best friend" so I assume it could work out really well (IF IT DID - which like I said would not be anytime soon). Also if anyone has found that sometimes relationships have their moments and when they are meant to happen they will. Because I believe that something good could come out of this situation, but it is just not the right time.

uhhh I know this is a little jumbled, but so are my thoughts.


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  • I don't see why this couldn't work out down the line just make it clear that the timing is off.