I like this guy....he may like me... but I have no idea where it is going?

Okay so I've really liked this guy for a while know. My friends are certain that he likes me. His friends act weird around me. I.e., theyll like watch me then text, they'll talk about me, listen to my conversations with my friends, etc etc. This guy that I like acts COMPLETELY different when he's in class with me. He is completely obnoxious, sarcastic, and loud in other classes. In the two classes I have with him, he's calm, quiet, and pretty level-headed. Why is this change so major? Could it be a coincidence? He's been caught staring at me on multiple occasions. His friends are very polite to me (they aren't polite to others).

Main Question: Where do you think this thing is going?


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  • It suppose to go into a right direction, but nether you or him doing anything to pave the road. So until somebody will find a pare of balls or ovaries, road will be bumpy and uncertain. Good Luck!


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