For the ladies, in your experience, are bad boys better kissers than good guys? Can good guys be good kissers?

Okay I am almost 21 and still never got to kiss a girl! Mainly because too many girls are party girls... And the ones that are not are either taken or anti-social. But I am still looking for that girl. But anyways, should I worry about not being a good kisser when the time comes?


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  • There really isn't a correlation between the type of guy and how he is as a kisser...he could be more "experienced", yeah, but I could consider him a bad kisser if his style isn't what I'm into. It really just depends on the person and how they like to kiss.

    Fun Fact: I had my first kiss when I was 21 and the guy complimented me on my kissing skills, when I thought I had no clue what I was doing lol

    • Thanks for BA : )

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  • Bad boys tend to have more experience, so one would think yes they are better kissers, but really, it's all up to the individual.


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