I don't know if I can trust my friend's knowledge, help?

My friend is trying to help me by giving me advice on how to go about a girl I want to ask out, but I don't know how to say it. He told me to say, "Do you want to hang out sometime?" But I don't think that sounds right, it is just to simple in my opinion. How should I say it?


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  • Don't over anyalize your convo just let it go and move on to the future with better oppurtunities


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  • Your friend is right.

    Guys who have difficulty with women, often find that the hardest part of learning how to talk to them, is accepting that it really *is* that simple.

    They've built up in their minds that it's complicated and hard and difficult. But it really isn't.

    When they get around to trying them simple stuff, and finding out that that works, they often kick themselves for wasting so much time being afraid or unsure.