I'm moving across the country in a couple months, but she's dropping hints...Should I even try?

Well this may be long, but bear with me. So I've known this girl for a few years now, never really been too good a friends, just grew up in neighboring towns so we've seen each other around a lot. Well a few months ago she got a job where I work, and since we've been texting and hanging out more and more.

Well about a week ago, I was at her house and she was showing me pictures of her basically fishing for compliments, and just flirting basically. A couple days later, she calls me and asks me to go to a movie and out to eat, which shocked me. Well anyways, we had a great time, but I know she's told me a lot she doesn't want a boyfriend for a while. Also I am moving across the country in a couple months.

So my question is: Should I even try to go any further and see if she wants to have fun for a couple months, or is it not worth the trouble?


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  • don't really try. she's dropping hints, obviously trying to be subtle yet get the message across. especially because you guys aren't serious.

    • Well exactly, we're not serious. But I know we both have fun hanging out, and she doesn't want a serious relationship anyways..and neither do I really, so as bad as it sounds, a friends with benefits thing was what I was thinking. I just don't know if that would be bad to bring up? Also, she is moving across the country too..a couple months after me, and to a different area obviously lol.

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    • Lol nah ya just sound like a real person, which is what I was hoping for. I didn't want someone who lives in fairytale land telling me no just because I said friends with benefits lol. ya gave an honest answer that's all I wanted. thanks :)

    • haha no problem

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  • LDRs never workout... I would suggest just be her friend.

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