Stood up and haven't heard from him since, NOW WHAT?

Well been dating this guy for 3months now ,we met online through personals. We talked everyday and he texted me as well. He has come up here numerous times as well. (he lives 2 hours away) He invited me down Friday to see him but the days leading upto Friday he would text and then not respond and or call and say he would call me back but didn't. Friday came I text him are we still on and he said Yes then I texted for him to call me with directions and Nada...Zilch I then called and he didn't answer. So I decided that I didn't deserve to be treated like that and didn't go and or call or text. It is now Sunday and haven't heard from him. If he didn't want me to come down why would he even say yes and or invite me? Is this his way of letting me down ? I would have much rather him say he was busy? I may never get my answers I guess. I'm sure if he cared he would have called to see if I was ok or if I was even on my way ... I don't no now I'm just dwelling I guess , Any insight would help Tx

Its now Monday and haven't heard a word, no texts no calls zilch ... I am beside myself


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  • Has he ever told you that he likes you and/or want to date exclusively?

    • Yes, he actually got mad at me for checking my online profile..... Still haven't heard from him so I am almost positive he was hiding something ......

    • Ah, text him saying that you don't like to be treated that way. What's the deal now b/w two of you. If still no answer, just move on, he's not worth your time and energy.