Would you ever ignore somebody's e-mail just because you don't know how to respond?

I e-mailed this Jewish rabbi with about 16 - 18 (at least 18) different points on how God can increase your intelligence if you do certain things or obey certain laws... and he has not responded... he usually responds I about 3-4 hours... so I'm not sure.

I think he doesn't know what to do because if he argues with me point by point it will take too long but if he doesn't argue with me he's leading me astray

And he doesn't know whether what I say is true or not because he has never studied the bible the way that I have and he doesn't want me to lead him astray...

But he always responds to my e-mails...


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  • How long ago did you send the e-mail?

    It could be that he's busier than usual and that's why he hasn't responded yet. Or maybe he needs more time to review/think about what you've said so he can give a good reply.


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  • I don't respond to religious emails anyway.


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