He deleted everything!

I found a suspect conversation between my husband and about 3 girls during a trying time in our marriage. One message asking if an ex he had ever loved him. He asked for her number to talk about something. Another to a college friend. He was venting about me and then asked if she had a b/f. She didn't respond. After confronting him about everything it seemed okay. After reviewing his messages I noticed all but family had been deleted. Why would an honest, innocent man continuously delete all non family messages?

When I say trying I mean we were arguing a great deal and we wern't having much sex.


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  • Because you're spying on him.

    • To an extent I understand that. I have guy friends though and I don't delete a damn thing. He is free to browse whatever messages and Facebook stuff he wants. I see it this way. In hiding it I create suspicion. So why try and hide it if I am doing NOTHING?

    • some people don't like being spied on, regardless of whether or not they're doing anything that would get them in trouble.

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