How Do I Progress from here?

There's this guy that I really like. I've known him for about a year now but we've been strictly just friends since. I've only started seeing him as potentially more recently (and maybe he has too? I broke up with my long-time boyfriend in January so I've been single for a while). We've been texting more recently and flirting more as well. So far he hasn't shut down my flirtatiousness but he hasn't exactly encouraged it completely. If I flirt, he will. But not necessarily the other way around. I feel like our time to be more has passed and we'll be stuck as friends now but I really do want to try and possibly hook up with him in the near future. How do I make him see me as more? Is there any way that I can do so or are we only ever going to be just friends?

P.S: I'm not looking for a relationship with him (or anyone for that matter). More like a friends with benefits type of thing.


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  • Hope you get a good answer for this question.

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