What am I suppose to do?

I kind of like this guy, lets call him Mike, who when I met him at a party I thought was single until I realized that this other girl I had met at the same party was is girlfriend.

This girl, lets call her Meagan, is really sweet and we've been starting a really good friendship. But then we all ended up being at another party together. Meagan and Mike fought at the party and she asked me to get her car keys from him before he leaves. I did and me and him ended up talking for about an hour out side the party. by the cars. This talk lead him to tell me that he was thinking about breaking up with Meagan and that he likes me a lot.

Now I like this guy but I've been trying to stay away from all of this. Even though when he texts me I try and tell him to work things out with his girlfriend.

My question is what should I do? I can't really stay away from both of them because our group of friends hangout a lot together now.

I don't want to hurt Meagan or Mike, so I would never want to be with him if he dumps her just to be with me. So please I have no idea how to handle any of this.


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  • Leave them alone.

    Either Mike will try to work things out with Meagan, or he'll dump her and start seeing you if the sh*t really hits the fan.

    Keep in mind here though, that drama can/will unfold within your social circle if they do break up and he starts seeing you. Meagan will be jealous. And she may try to get back together with Mike.

    A fire will break out, and you'll get burned one way or another.

    But my advice here puts Mike in charge of calling the shots. That way, you girls will be absolved of guilt and you won't feel responsible for the drama that may stir up.


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  • The obvious answer would be to turn him down once he's done the deed (dumping her)...but this of course would leave him with nothing. The best thing you can do right now is just hope that he doesn't do it and that he's just messing around. You COULD tell her that he's been flirting with you and that he's thinking about breaking up with her but, you won't have proof and therefore might piss her off. Make sure you have proof of him saying it, before you tell her

  • Carry on advising him to stay with her and sort things, then if they do break up anyway, then a few weeks after would be an appropriate time to talk to him about the two of you having a relationship together. If he is already thinking about dumping her then it's not you fault if it happens and you can honestly say to her that you tried to convince him not to break up, and then you can see him later, but not straight away, if not that seems like you've told him to break up with her or something. So Right now you will have to put up with them being together, but seeing someone you love with someone else can be upsetting, for 5 years I've been watching the girl I love go out with other guys:/ hope this helps


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