She keeps texting me like 24/7 but says she wants to take it slow...

This girl I met a few weeks ago keeps texting me and calls me and has even told her friends/ family about me but wants to take it slow...I like her a lot but she is non what should I do?

I mean I don't know if I'm in the friend zone already or what?
I think I might be in the friend zone because she has said I'm funny and sweet...


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  • Ok you like her but you're not planing to commit or you don't feel in like committing right now ?

    Well she saying something but doing the contrary. Well I've told my friends when I'm talking to a guy, not big deal that;s something girls do. What;s wrong with calling and texting? I mean she is doing it a lot it might be a problem, but you can try just cutting her off a bit, not to strong otherwise she'll probably dump you. Don't answer all her call/texts. Do it when you genially want to speak to her. I think she should get the hint.

    • I mean I'm ready to have a relationship and she is not committing to it.. she just saying I want to take it slow and she gets scared off when guys go fast..

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    • I get u! and well when went out the other day for pretty much the first time. She told me 5 times how much fun she had...she was kind of reluctant to kiss me good bye so she gave me hug...I later asked if she was comfortable and that's what she said she wanted to take it slow and she gets scared off if guys move to fast..

    • Well you know where you stand. You like her and ready to commit. She wants to take it slow, she may not be on the same page as you. She told you that guys the move to fast scare her. You don't want that. So take her slow get her on dates,treat he good, get to know each other more and wait till she feels comfortable to kiss or whatever. No pressure.

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