Guys, what are some things that you would advise not to tell a guy?

So guys are there things, details or experiences that you would prefer not to know or could be a mood killer in a new relationship?


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  • Unless you're going out, don't tell them your time of the month.

    Dont mention you relations with other guys/how hot some guys are. Unless of course the guy makes it clear he has no issues with it or he even asks about your past and/or opinions of guys.

    • oh, and the line "you're such a good friend" is a f***ing killer.

      Never use 'friend' unless you want to make it clear there's never going to be anything more than a friendship.

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  • Never tell him about past boyfriends, or anyone you've had sex with. As far as things you tell him are concerned, you might as well be a virgin who has never dated before.

  • Never tell him when you fancy one of his friends.


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