What would you do in my situation?

This guy was interested in me, but his ex started talking to him again and told him she felt guilty for causing their breakup when she cheated.

He told me this a month after they talked, so he was still flirting with me and had even told me he and his ex were just friends. He basically, led me on.

They ended up back together a few weeks later. I told him how much he hurt me and he apologized and said he felt like a jerk about it.

Ever since, he's been asking me to hang out with him more and more.

I haven't been because my friend told me I need to distance myself from him because of what he did to me whether he feels bad or not.

It's just he's making it really hard for me to hate him. He's always making me laugh and he knows that's my weak spot because any time I've ever seemed mad he always tries to make me laugh. He offered to help me do my math homework, he offered to help me get a job, and he's been complimenting me. I really enjoy talking to him.

Because he's being so nice, I feel awful about making up excuses when he asks me to hang out. A part of me thinks "f*ck him. I can do better and I don't need him" and another part of me says "he's so nice and funny. Why not try to be his friend?"

What would you do in this situation?


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  • I would do whatever I could cope with. If its too hard to be his friend because I still have feelings for him, I would distance myself from him completely. It wouldn't matter that he's so nice etc, unless I could accept his friendship. If a guy led me on and got back together with his ex, I'd go with the f*ck him option.

    It all depends on how attached you feel to him. If he's a good friend to you, accept him as that.


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  • I'd run away.. Run like hell. He's a loser..in more ways than one. You're right... you could do better. Listen to your gut..and your seemingly smart friend.


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  • He's still into his ex. Leave him alone. You don't deserve that sort of treatment.

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