I live here, she lives there... How do I make sure we keep in touch?

I'm really bad at this kind of stuff. I guess I just need some advice on how to talk to someone I just recently met and know so little about.

Here are some details about the encounter:

I live in Washington and went to California to celebrate St Patricks Day with my Aunt (shes really cool and we have a lot of fun!) Anyways, we went out to this pub and had a great time. While I was there I met this girl and although we didn't talk too much (it was packed and very loud) we did dance a bit and hung out for a few hours. Before I left I told her I was heading home on Monday (this was Saturday night) but that I would still like to get her number. She gave it too me and told me we should meet for coffee or something if I had time Sunday. Well, I did a bunch of touristy stuff with my aunt and didn't call/text her Sunday (wish I would have). I did, however, send her a text after I got home and told her it was great meeting her and that I had a fun time. We exchanged a couple more text messages that night but nothing exciting.

So now I don't know what to do. She really did seem cool and I would like to keep in contact with her. In all seriousness, my plan is to move to Southern California sometime within the next year and it would be great to already have some friends (or even just the one) when I get down there. I'm not really sure how to keep a casual conversation/relationship going.

Would it be weird/awkward if I told her that I was planning on moving down there? Or if I was like "hey, so I'm gonna save your number and get in touch the next time I'm in town!" I don't expect a serious relationship to develop but, hey, who knows.


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  • Don't tell her you plan on moving down. I think that is creepy. I like your quoted text idea. You should just put it aside until you move down there and not expect anything. Don't get your hopes up. Hope that helps :) In the meantime...I happen to live in Washington ;) haha

    • Thanks for the response! Ya, I'll probably not mention my plans to move down there just yet. I think I'll just tell her I'm saving her number and see how/if she responds. But for now... You live in Washington too, huh? Small world! ;)

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