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Ok I feel like a teenager all over again. I have been dating this guy for about 5 mths when we meet I was seeing several men and now only him. He has told me he is damaged and that he has trouble saying he love me but that he does. I love him a lot but I am divorced 2xs him too, I did not date a lot between the first two husbands and I don't want to look like a stalker but my 22 year old daughter says I'm like a 15 year old girl around him any advice on should I keep going slow and wait for him to rebuild? how do I even know this is really love? never felt like this with either husband, my hands tremble I get short of breath butterflies in my tummie all the teen crap, Oh his wife cheated on him after 19 year and 2 kids and is marring the guy she cheated with and they have been divorced about 4 years


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  • "I was seeing several men" lol um that's insane. That's why. lol

    • What is insane? He knew I was seeing several I was not sure what I wanted

    • I was just divorced and was trying to figure out what I wanted

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