If she's just contacting me because she wants something, should I ignore it?

I liked this girl a lot, hadn't heard from her in two years. Not a peep. Then she texts me out of the blue because there's something she needs that she can get if I only let it happen. At first I thought she was just using it as an excuse to talk to me, since her text was so bubbly and cute, but then my friend pointed out to me that she was actually just using me, that it made more sense the other way around, that she was texting me just to get it.

At first, I joked around with her, and regretted it after realizing this. Then the next day, she texted me again and I ignored it. Is that a good move, ignoring it? Maybe this will teach me to have some respect for myself.


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  • I think it was a good move ignoring her. Being that she came out of the blue immediately requesting something from you I believe that your friend is correct. But at the same time you can never really know what her true intentions are if you don't ask her directly what she wants from you. I think you should call her up and ask "Why did you come back into my life?". I say call her and ask rather than text because then she doesn't have time to think up something to say since she is being put on the spot. Good luck hun.

  • Yes, ignore her! You don't need a girl in your life like that. Learn to be strong and kick out the people in your life who are only there for something they need that you've got. You're better off! Good luck.


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