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Hi everyone, I've been single for quite sometime now and I'm looking for partner. The problem is and it's always been a quite a big problem is the fact that I love my freedom and I'm really into my hobbies (photography for one) and traveling around quite a lot.

Another big problem is that I don't really like approaching women as such because quite frankly I end making my self look silly and I end up not bothering at all... I am quite a quiet person but I have started coming out of my shell a little now and I've found that smiling and joking is generally always on to a winner. Or just being yourself.

Its seems girls just do not want to make the first move at all. I never can seem to spot a good girl I like or seem interested in. I don't ALWAYS go on looks. I like someone who is a little different and has some character.

I have tired online dating with no success.

What do you guys think. Should I just wait until the right person comes along ?

You've been a great help girls ... Cheers.


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  • Put yourself out there more. Hobbies, jobs, work, ect.

    • I'm self employed and I only work with family. I am putting my self out a little. I'm not meeting a lot of new people though...

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    • Easier said than done.

    • Yea I know. Gotta start somewhere.

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