How would you want a guy to talk to you on via text that would get you to want to hang out?

OK so say some girl was beating around the bush and trying to make... "Conversation" *Barfs* GROSS! No just kidding.

So say I wanted to talk to her but hang out. If I said

"Ok so I'm not the typical kid who is going to throw out cliche compliments, but would you wanna hang out."

How does that come off? Grimy, or just douchey?

How would you want a guy to talk to you on via text that would get you to want to hang out.


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  • It comes of like a it's rehearsed or something in an attempt to make you sound cool or something. And it just seems like you're in a hurry and don't have time to get to know me or be charming. Personally I would rather a guy come on strong but not too strong like you're example and just treat me like a human being ask me how my day was or if I have a boyfriend and if I would be interested in going out sometime. Personally I think the whole hang out thing is like ick! I feel like it means that I'm going to be on your couch watching movies because you're cheap or something. lol Just being blunt and honest with ya.


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  • I would want the guy to just straight up say it. Hopefully your personality has shown that you're not the player type if that's what you're worried about her thinking. Just say something like, "I really enjoy talking to you and would love it if we could hang out sometime in person." Be confident and whether you want to hang out or date, say it! I'm sure she'll be flattered and I hope it works out for you!

  • If you are gonna text me ! I like it when a guy actually doesn't seen interested in me at first because it honestly makes me more comfortable knowing they aren't obssesed or annoying in wanting to ask me out! ...DEPENDS like you barely saw this girl right? so I would start a conversation and then play it cool and be like hey we should hang out sometime PLAY IT COOL then when you get the # act like whatever and ask her out etc ...HEY answer mine please

  • The guys I've talked with the most "successfully," didn't text to often, were a bit random, and more than often easy to joke with, even through text. As for how you want to go about asking, sounds perfect!

    Just like girl3377 says, some guys can come off obsessed right out of the gate and that's a bit scary, but you sound like you've got it right.


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