Doesn't call or text often does he like me?

There is this guy I have been talking to for the past two or three weeks. He has a very busy lifestyle he is an EMT and works demanding work hours. Well he explained to me that he isn't very good with his phone and often times takes a long time to reply back to text messages/phone calls. Well I told him that I understood that, and figured well if he is busy most of the time I will just leave the ball in his court to call/text me.

Well we don't really talk through out the week. A few text here or there and maybe one phone call per week.

Now I'm getting a vibe like this guy doesn't like me all that much because even though he may be busy he could still take out the time to talk with me...IF he really liked me.

Also whenever we do text...its extremely stale he doesn't ask how my day has been or anything like that.

Also when I ask him how his day went he always answers with "its goin" or "not much chillin at home". He doesn't tell me much about his life...its kind of weird.

Does he sound like a player to you? This past Monday I told him that I was going to call him. Well when I did call him it went straight to voice mail which was odd because 30min hadn't even passed when I told him I'd call him. When he returned my call I asked him about the voice mail forwarding he just said he was busy with something and knew I had called. ...Soo he forwarded my call to voice mail...Ooookay.

Does this sound like a player to you? He is always out hanging out with his "friends" whenever he is off. Sounds suspicious? Or am I over analyzing things?


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  • Well... I've had lots of experience with these guys. Honestly the question I'm going to ask you is this "If you lived a busy EMT lifestyle, would you STILL make time for a guy you liked or thought of?" Hell as a woman, once you got back home, you'd probably call the guy you like or at least message him and you sure as hell would be thinking about him through out your day. That's how woman or men are WHEN they like somebody.

    Honestly, your asking "Does he like me?" That question should NEVER come into your mind. Honestly, by his ways it doesn't show that he's a player, he very well could be! but to me it just sounds like he's not interested but isn't man enough to say it, maybe he's just trying to be nice. Honestly, girl.. It's nothing wrong with you, you just have to try again or wait for a better guy to come along. :)

    Let me tell you my experiences with guys... Awhile back I met this guy at the gym, and afterward I gave him my # and he gave me his. I called him and asked if we could hang out. The next day when I was planning to hang out with him he made this VERY lame excuse and said he would just like to be alone right now and not talk. Anyways I tried to be nice and for the next couple of days I would call him.. Anyways I gave up on him completely when he looked down on my interests... I'm like "screw this this guys not worth it.." lol

    Its a diff. story than yours but I've been ditched by guys who werent interested in me... lol They'd break their promises, be half-hearted or not hearted at all... and than I met this guy at church, I don't blame him but I saw it coming.. I got his # through a friend, and than I called him.. and I asked right away if we could hang out.. lol and he said "no I gotta study" his excuse to hanging out was that he was busy at work to when I asked him in real life.. anyways after he said he had to study... he said I could call agani at 3-4 and from than he ignored my call... and so I tried calling again on Friday and he ignored it again.. than I threw away his # and deleted his number off my phone lol... its not his fault he's just not interested in me... some guys operate like that... honestly its not the best way but to me the church guy is no big deal I saw it coming lol

    but I moved on... once you get rejected enough (like me) you see it coming.. but my advice to you is don't give up. look and WAIT for a nice guy. Don't give up on your search for love and don't settle with a guy who treats you like dirt. Please. you deserve a nice guy :) you should continue praying and waiting for a nice one.

    Anyways... If you want my honest opinion this guy is NOT interested in you. If he was he would make more time for you. He obviously has free time nobody is THAT busy. Its not like he's a doctor... lol or an actor... he's got probably 14 hours of free time.. He probably has days off... and him ignoring your cal only after 30 minutes is QUESTIONABLE

    don't be sad though, there's a better guy for you :)

    • Dude, if this guy isn't interested in you, BE HAPPY! You should know NOW before you get your heart and life invested in a JERK. Please, do not travel down the road of falling in love with a jerk. Don't be with a guy who doesn't give you HIS attention, HIS all, HIS everything because that's what your looking for. If you go after this guy your gonna be the hurt one and he'll leave you for somebody else.. Go with somebody who desires you <3 He's out there... but this guy is the wrong guy for you!

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    • Also when he asked me when we could hang out I specifically asked him what day he was available. He just told me to pick a day for us to hang out. So I did, which is this coming Sunday. He asked me if I couldn't schedule it for either Friday (tomorrow) or Saturday. Why tell me to pick the day if you can't make it on Sunday. But he claims he's cool with it so I'll see come Sunday.

    • Well.. girl go with your heart. If it's a stale conversation maybe honestly.. Your bored with him lol or he's not feeling it either. Maybe you BOTH are not into each other or maybe your just a TEENSY bit more interested in him... lol Honestly if it's stale for you, don't keep on trying unless he's a nice guy cause sometimes convos can be boring lol but honestly... I think if your getting all these "not so sure signals" its time to move on and wait for a nice guy :)

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  • Sounds busy to me... Try disappearing for 2 weeks..see if he attempts to contact you..if he doesn't.. just move on.

    • Well he did call me about two days ago. But...I was busy. Haha. And so I didn't see his call until much, much later. When we talk on the phone though we always have things to talk about. Maybe he's just not the text chatting type? I think maybe our schedules are too conflicting. I'm always busy and so is he.

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    • Oooh...I didn't even see it that way! And you know what? I was already subconsciously sort of scratching him off my daters list. Haha! You made quite a good point there. WOW. lol

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  • Also another thing.. Him bailing out on plans.. is not good... If he's that interested in you, when you said "Okay, Sunday" he should of said "Oh wait, can't make it than, Sunday's a bad day for me, what about Friday or Saturday?" ... he should be WAY on top of his game and on top of his schedule when he's planning a day with you

    Girl if this guy isn't giving you everything you deserve he's definitely not worth you or your time! Think about other guys you could be meeting :) that are cute and your type!

    :) Trust me like they say "theres lot of fish in the sea" and a lot of NICER fish in the sea.. You just have to wait for him <3 and you'll be truly grateful for him after dealing with half interested guys :)

    • And another thing is.. I've had MANY guys who werent interested in me.. In fact I was turned down by so many, ditched, flat out rejected to my face, guys making up LAME excuses... lol so I know how hard it can be.. I even stopped trying because I knew the outcome lol but one thing is I never gave up.. You can't. You gotta know there are nice guys out there, maybe your going after the losers <3 or guys who don't appreciate you, look and wait for an nice one he'll treat you right

    • Yeah I'm not going to bother with this one. I got this feeling like we aren't very compatible. So I'm just going to let this one go. lol

    • That's good, well I'm proud of you. Let things go as they are and if he doesn't make any moves, he's not interested. Trust me, even though it's hard to believe in nice guys when you meet so many of them who aren't interested, just remember there are sweet guys. Think of a guy whose your type and is cute! :) Lol Try befriending guys who you see yourself with and if they're nice and reciprocate the love than hey you got yourself a winner! But don't chase a dead fish lol Good luck!