I take things too seriously?

When a guy wants to date I think way too ahead. Like I want to date and have a good time but I always start thinking ahead so far, asking myself if he is someone I could see myself have a future with. And if not I decide it isn't even worth the effort.

in my culture girls often get married young. My friends introduced me to their friend. And I'm already thinking."hm does he have the traits of someone I would get serious with?"

It is tough. I guess I'm a bit of a commitment phobe.


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What Guys Said 1

  • There's nothing wrong with that. It sounds like you just don't want to be making a mistake that you might regret later in life, if you did meet the right guy. A lot of people plan their lives like this. There is no bad thing in this. Don't feel bad. :]


What Girls Said 1

  • Girl, this is the way everyone should be. In my opinion, I see no point in dating someone I don't see myself with in a couple of years.. I think you are being precautionary and I think it is an amazing, rare trait and you should stick to it.

    I am just like that, and it didn't hurt me at all .. It actually helped me make better choices in life.

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