Why would he text me that?

We're 21, we've been dating for the past month and a half and we didn't "define" the relationship yet, talked about it a bit though..that included the ex talk. he didn't say much but now he randomly texted me

":D I went to change my tires. and I saw my ex, you should've seen the look on her face x)"

Any ideas what it meant or what to reply? o.O


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  • You got me! I'd be saying WTF! too. Could be a red flag...telling you he's weird! LOL

    • Guys don't freely bring up their ex's to their current girl, if they have high interest level in them.. In fear they might push the new girl away.

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  • That is the set-up for him to break the news with you that he will get back together with her.

  • what 7gnat said.

    What it boils down to is that you're his rebound, he's not over her, he got excited when she looked surprised to see him, he feels good because he has you to hang over her head... get it?

    • he feels good that she was surprised to see him...he feels like a pimp because he has 2 women...sorry not trying to be rude..

      What you should do is simply say "Why did you write me that?"

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