Ladies. Why didn't you call him back?

Did you ever have a date with a guy, then you never contacted him again? What happened? Was he boring? Did he text you too much?Did he have bad breath? Or take you to McDonald's? I want to know your story. Why didn't he hear from you again?


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  • Uhmm.

    1. I find someone else I like better

    2. Not that interested

    3. Yes, he has a bad breath. If I have to kiss someone, I'll expect him to have a clean oral hygiene

    4. He is too creepy

    5. Have a change of heart

    6. Not a Christian as he says he is

    7. Too many baggages

    8. Stares at my boobs too much this shows me he's not interested in me as a person

    9. If a guy promises me he'll call on such and such, I'll expect him to delivers as such. I don't have all day waiting by the phone to hear from him

    10. Etc...


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  • ok first of all yur almost 50 second of all if yhu have kids take care of them... or just find another person who is 50 and likes to dte other 50 year old but on the other hand commmunicate next time yhu be the one who says I will call yhu beat him to the punch so yur feelings don't get hurt