2nd Date, movie at his place = Just sex?

I went on a date last night with a guy. It went well. My friend popped by at the end of it, and they got along.

I contacted him today, thanking him for the date. He invited me to his place for a movie tonight. I agreed to come tomorrow.

But I am now wondering if maybe he is just looking for sex.

How can I tell?

I don't know this guy all too well.


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  • Why is it always about sex with women?


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  • You will figure it out as the night moves on; watch out for physical contact that you don't welcome, and make sure you have an escape plan. However! Don't go into the date only fearing the worse; no one will enjoy that. Just be prepared to leave if you have to (maybe drive yourself there), and make any other necessary preparations.

    Be safe and have fun!

  • Then don't give in...that's it. If he pushes...walk away. If he contintues to push, kick his ass. A gentleman would never push, and he may not, Give him the benefit of the doubt. If he's an ashole, see above.

  • The second date is whatever you want it to be. Sometimes I think you girls are more sex focused than guys!


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